Access to Justice Index Report

In January 2023, the Tribunal took a survey created by the Federal government’s Department of Justice called the “Access to Justice Index for Federal Administrative Bodies” (“A2J Index”).

The A2J Index is a self-assessment tool that helps identify areas where organizations like the Tribunal can improve their accessibility.

The A2J Index focused on 4 categories:

  • Access to Administrative Body: The physical and technological access provided to parties.
  • Processes: The Tribunal's procedures on procedural fairness, self-representation, training, and information sharing.
  • Costs: The parties’ costs to access the Tribunal.
  • Outcomes: The parties’ sense of fairness and justice in a dispute before the Tribunal.

In May of 2023, we received the final report with the Tribunal’s results. We have published the full report here.

The Tribunal’s results on the A2J Index were disappointing. Overall, the Tribunal received an accessibility score of 43%.

Given this, the Tribunal is working with accessibility specialists to help us improve our services. We look forward to publishing updates about this work in the coming months. Stay tuned!