Hearing Practices

Types of Hearings

The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal (Tribunal) typically conducts its hearings in one of two ways:

  • in writing, or
  • virtually (by videoconference or telephone).

Written Hearings

Applicants may request that the Tribunal’s hearing into their application be held in writing. Unless exceptional circumstances exist to refuse the request, the Tribunal will grant this request.

Virtual Oral Hearings

As part of the Tribunal’s commitment to accessible and efficient decision-making, and given its authority pursuant to Rule 20, the Tribunal will, by default, schedule its oral hearings to be conducted virtually. Typically, the Tribunal will use the Zoom platform to conduct its virtual hearings.

In most cases, the parties use their own devices (for example, a laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone) from a private location to connect to the virtual hearing.

If a party doesn’t have their own devices or a private location for a virtual hearing, they should inform the Tribunal’s Registrar. In these cases, the Tribunal could allow a party to appear by phone.

In-Person Oral Hearings

In exceptional circumstances, the Tribunal may approve an in-person oral hearing. In-person oral hearings will only be scheduled where the Tribunal determines that it is necessary for a fair hearing to be held.

A party must make its request for an in-person oral hearing in writing well before the hearing is scheduled to be held. The written request should explain how a virtual oral hearing would prevent them from participating in a fair oral hearing.

The other party will have the opportunity to respond to a request for an in-person oral hearing before a decision is made.