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The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal (CART), as a portfolio organization of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the Government of Canada, is committed to providing visitors websites that respect their privacy. The following summarizes the privacy policy and practices on CART's web site:

Questions or comments regarding this policy may be directed to 613-792-2087.

Social Media

CART uses Twitter as a communications tool, in order to facilitate conversations (e.g. questions and answers, comments, "likes", retweets) between people and to promote Tribunal matters to a broader public audience. CART's official social media account is public and is not hosted on CART's servers. CART abides by the Twitter Terms of Use and expects other users to abide by these same rules. While CART strives to offer balanced, informative and helpful information on topics of interest to the Tribunal, actions of the Tribunal on Twiter do not represent an endorsement of any kind of any individual or actor.

Our social media pages on third-party social media sites are accessible to the public and, as such, the comments you write or post are not private. We are not responsible for personal information posted by participants. To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, CART recommends that you be very careful about what you post. Avoid posting anything personal about yourself or anyone else.

Information you post to our third-party social media pages may be copied, stored, accessed or disclosed by CART in response to a request under either of these Acts. It may also be used to respond to inquiries, or for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes.

Any personal information collected through this process is collected in accordance with the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada.

Hyperlinking Notice

Some of the information on this web site has been provided by external sources. The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal is not responsible for the quality, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of products or services available on external sites and listed or described on our menu, nor is the Tribunal responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information contained on the web site and supplied by external sources.

Generally, Government of Canada institutions encourage third parties to link to their sites. Organizations wishing to link to the CART's web site, therefore, do not need to request permission to do so. We do, however, ask that you follow these linking practices:

Non-commercial Reproduction

Information on this web site has been posted with the intent that it be readily available for personal or public non-commercial use and may be reproduced, in part or in whole, and by any means, without charge or further permission, unless otherwise specified.

Users are required to:

Unless otherwise specified, this authorization is also applicable to all published information regardless of its format.

Copyright/Permission to Reproduce

Materials on this web site were produced and/or compiled by the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal for the purpose of providing Canadians with direct access to information about the program and services offered by the Tribunal.

The materials on this web site are covered by the provisions of the Copyright Act, by Canadian laws, policies, regulations and international agreements. Such provisions serve to identify the information source and, in specific instances, to prohibit reproduction of materials without written permission.

Third-party Materials

Some of the materials and graphical elements found on Government of Canada web sites are subject to copyrights held by other organizations. This is particularly true of sites that are jointly operated by a Government of Canada institution and an external organization as part of a collaborative arrangement. In such cases, some restrictions on the reproduction of materials or graphical elements may apply and it may be necessary to seek permission from the rights holder prior to reproducing the material. To obtain information concerning copyright ownership and restrictions on reproduction of this site, please contact:

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The official symbols of the Government of Canada, including the Canada Wordmark, the Arms of Canada, and the flag symbol may not be reproduced, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without written authorization.


The Government of Canada is committed to achieving a high standard of accessibility as defined in the Standard on Web Accessibility and the Standard on Optimizing Websites and Applications for Mobile Devices. In the event of difficulty using our web pages, applications or device-based mobile applications, please contact us for assistance or to obtain alternative formats such as regular print, Braille or another appropriate format.

Official Languages

The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal respects the Official Languages Act and relevant Treasury Board policies. It is committed to ensuring all information and services on this site are available in both English and French. However, users should be aware that some information from external sources that are not subject to the Official Languages Act may be available only in the language in which it was provided.